Complete Streets in Sumter County

Sumter Cycling has been working closely with the River Valley Regional Commission, and local officials to adopt a Complete Streets policy that would shape the future of infrastructure and development in Sumter County. 

On April 21st, 2016, Mayor Barry Blount and City Clerk Paula Martin of Americus signed a Complete Streets Resolution, signifying the support of local government to pursue the creation and adoption of policy.

This resolution was an important step forward for the city and Sumter County, and positions us to move forward with our advocacy goals. 

Please send comments to Julio Portillo at the River Valley Regional Commission (

During the following year, the RVRC, Sumter Cycling, and other local organizations have worked together to develop the Bicylce & Pedestrian Plan for the City of Americus. 


This plan clearly outlines our objectives and desire to improve our community with a vision of bicycle and pedestrian safety and activity, and is the next step towards policy creation. With the Complete Streets resolution, and the Bicycle & Pedestrian Plan in the comments phase, we are making great strides towards developing a Complete Streets Policy that will embrace a complete road access approach for all users.


You can view the complete 2017 Bicycle & Pedestrian Plan by clicking the cover art below, and send comments directly to Julio Portillo at