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Sumter Cycling Sponsorship Opportunities


Since 2012, Sumter Cycling has been organizing events and advocating on behalf of cyclists and pedestrians in Sumter County, GA. Our mission is to promote cycling for enjoyment, transportation, fitness and the environment. We serve this mission by advocating for cycling and pedestrian infrastructure, planning events to encourage community participation in our mission as well as cycling tourism in our county, and educating authorities and local cyclists about staying safe on the roads.

Each year, we host a calendar of monthly free events, as well as annual paid and unpaid events that attract riders from out of town. This year, our paid events are Prison to Peanuts in the spring and Plains, Trains + Bike Chains in the fall. In addition to the paid events that draw hundreds of cyclists to our community, we host group rides on each first Saturday of the month that end at restaurants to support our local businesses. We also organize a local Bike to Work Day to encourage com-muting to work by bike or walking.
In addition to organizing rides, we encourage local bicycle education by facilitating bike rodeo events at Furlow Charter School. We have also been working towards the creation and education of a bicycle division of our police force, and have a lawn sign initiative to expand awareness of the 3-foot law.

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To further encourage cycling safety, education and tourism, we are hoping to accomplish the following in 2019:
 Develop a map that will classify our existing roads into five levels of cycling and pedestrian safety. That map will be made into a brochure, and also include a schedule of paid rides and help show local and visiting riders where it is safest to ride.
 Sponsor bike racks at local businesses to encourage local folks to ride to their favorite store, restaurant or shop.
 Host more themed rides to attract youth and more casual ‘around the block’ type riders.
 Expand local education with a fleet of youth bikes that we can use to facilitate all 3rd graders in the county learning bike safety.
 Helmet giveaways to encourage safer riding.
 Signage on main bike streets that educate the principles of sharing the road and to give riders more confidence on designated paths.
 Continue advocating for Complete Streets, which is a concept that our streets should accommodate the full spectrum of transportation needs of a community. The long-term goal of this effort is to influence the infrastructure of our county to encourage more sidewalks and bike paths on strategic routes throughout the county.
 Facilitate a sustainable rental bike program at GSW (funding is needed to maintain the bikes).
 Send a Sumter Cycling representative to the GA Bike Summit each year.
 Create a cycling route trail-head with maps as a central hub for cycling routes in our county.

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