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Our Town Greenbelt

We dream of a multi-use trail that connects all residents of Americus and its surrounding area. We've drafted a trail that would serve as a beltway for Americus as seen on the map below. It also extends to community priorities such as Sumter County High School, South Georgia Tech, Phoebe Sumter Medical Center, and the Sumter County Rec Fields.

It's hard to overstate the impact such a trail would have on our community, creating a terrific quality of life enhancement for our residents that would also attract new talent and tourists to the area. 

This draft beltway would be accessible to residents from all sides of the city and provide not only a safe recreational space for walkers, cyclists, those with strollers, etc., but also connect countless community highlights and focal points. 

The reason most people do not ride a bicycle is because they do not feel safe doing so on the roads, this would change that while also increasing the property values for all in this area. 

If you have suggestions, feedback or ideas on what you see below, please contact us. We also encourage all Sumter County and Americus residents to let their City Council and County Council know you support the building of trails.

Let's face it: if the funds for trails aren't being attracted here, the state and national funds will build them somewhere else! We say: let's build them here. 

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